A large part of the work of Solmet-7 is the manufacture of welded parts. Our experience and everyday work striving to improve have earned the trust of our customers, working with them in such important areas as quality, planning deliveries, and ongoing product and production improvements.


Our resources are automated welding plates and robotic and manual welding cells.


Besides welding we also work on "processing" the raw material, pipe curving, work on presses, drills, screwing, etc.


In 2015 Solmet-7 specialised in railway welding and was awarded the EN 15085-2 certificate by TÜV Rheinland to meet more market share, also updating our machinery and production process.

Camí de les Arenes - Nau, 29-33 • Tel. (+ 34) 93 878 66 84

Pol. Ind. "Santa Anna III" •  08251 SANTPEDOR (Barcelona)