Solmet-7, S.L. is an integral engineering company that bases its main activity on providing a solution to our customers' specific special machinery needs, developing turnkey, mechanical, computing and/or programming projects proposed by our customers. As a group of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, we at Solmet-7 prefer working as a team together with our loyal suppliers so we can offer our services with the best price and top quality, giving us a competitive advantage in the sector.

At Solmet-7, we innovate to improve our strategies for the constant optimisation of all processes and ensuring the utmost quality and service for our customers.

Solmet-7 has an offers and after-sales department that provides an instant response. We have a production plant on the Santa Anna industrial estate in Santpedor (Barcelona) that has 200 m2 of engineering office space and a 1000-m2 assembly plant with two bridge cranes for assembling machinery.

We have also specialised in the welding sector with railway welding thanks to having been awarded the EN 15085-2 certificate by TÜV Rheinland, enabling us to have a greater market share and also update our machinery and productive process.



Sectors in which we work

Car manufacturers

Car auxiliary industry

Rail industry

Cosmetics industry

Food industry

Industry in general

Laboratories and technology centres

Solmet-7 was founded in 2006 to provide a solution to the parts machining and welding needs in the car industry. It then expanded the business by creating an integral engineering department, comprised of a highly experienced group of professionals.

At Solmet-7, S.L. we carry out turnkey projects that meet our customers' aims to answer their production needs.

Camí de les Arenes - Nau, 29-33 • Tel. (+ 34) 93 878 66 84

Pol. Ind. "Santa Anna III" •  08251 SANTPEDOR (Barcelona)